The serene sea view of Wakaura Bay. The open-air baths where sea breeze touches you.

Our inn which is located on the scenic seaside of Wakaura is popular for the bath using the hot spring water from our private source, which makes us unique in Wakaura.
Our local .guests, too, keep loving the evening view of Wakaura Bay seen from the open-air baths.

“Manyo-no-Yu”, an open-air bath with hot spring water from our own hot spring source.
Enjoy the view of Wakaura Bay that spreads below you.

Have a special time in a chartered bath that has a character.

A barrier-free chartered bath popular among our guests in wheel chairs.

A stylish chartered bath newly installed in 2009.

- “Rose bath” is optional for chartered baths. -

Hot spring spa information

Name of the hot spring spa
Wakanoura Onsen “Manyo-no-Yu”
Name of the spring type
Calcium/ Sodium Chloride (Muriated) springs
Old name of the spring type
Muriated earthy springs
Spring category
Subthermal hypertonic weak alkaline springs
Spring temperature
26.2℃(※Water -added & heated Circulation- Filtration System)
Spring color
No color, transparent
Effects(for bathing)
Neuralgia, muscle pain, frozen shoulder, paralysis, joint stiffness, bruise, sprain, chronicle digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, recovery period after delivery, health promotion, cuts, burns, chronicle dermatitis, delicate children, women’s diseases.

Bathing time
3pm ~ 11pm, 6am~9am
※General (day ) bathing customers may bathe 11am~3pm.
Open-air baths
Men -1/Women-1
2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner and body soap are available.
Towels and bath towels are supplied in each room.

Large bath

A 270 degree panorama view. We present you this breathtaking view of Manpa which is embraced by the sea.

Standing at the tip of the cape near Wakayama Port, “Manpa” is an inn that takes pride in the panorama view of the sea.
Enjoy also the view of Wakaura Bay below, the night view of “Wakayama Marina City” on the opposite shore and Isaribi (fishing lights).

The vast sea, refreshing breeze and the beauty of the sea view – those are what our resort hotel is proud of.

  • Souvenir shops
  • Tea lounge and private rooms
  • Outside appearance

Facility overview

Guest rooms
41rooms(Japanese style: 39rooms・Japanese & Western style: 2 rooms)
240 people
Banquet halls
Large, medium and small halls. Total of 8 halls.
   ・   Large banquet hall: Capacity- 200 people, 168 Tatami mats, a stage.
   ・   Medium banquet hall: Capacity- 70 people, 72 Tatami mats, a stage.
   ・   Medium banquet hall: Capacity- 60 people, 62 Tatami mats
   ・   Party rooms for small groups: 5 people
Meetng room
Capacity- 100 people
Hot spring, Large bath with a panorama view
Open-air bath “Manyo-no-Yu”
Jacuzzi(for men, sauna is also available)
Swimming pool
25m/ Small paddling pool
*There is a direct access to the sea from the pools, enabling you to enjoy bathing in the sea also.
Large parking lot
Capacity for 70cars
Bar “Nagisa”, Game corner, Kiosk, etc.

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